screenshots showing how the scoolia mobile application looks like

The activity-based app that increases employee engagement and productivity.

Always available

A centralized hub where you can communicate, train, access information
and collaborate around activities. Always available at the point of need
to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Where do you fit in?

Are you currently growing at a rapid pace?

Get a solution that enables you to onboard and get people aligned in an efficient and structured way.

A Scoolia girl working in a cafe

Are you spread out by either field workers or multiple locations?

Get a centralized hub for communication, collaboration and trainings.

sales guy using the scoolia application

Do you have an activity based workforce like season workers or extra workers coming in for a short period of time?

Get them qualified and ready for work, quicker and more efficient than ever before.

use the scoolia app for fieldworkers

Are you providing trainings and courses?

Grow your business and connect with your audience in new and more personal ways.

guy using scoolia in his class


Become more efficient

Preboard/ onboard new colleagues and get them ready with everything they have to know before their first day at work.

Increase employee engagement and productivity through onboarding

Reach everyone, no matter where they are located.
Share and get instant feedback on important milestones, happenings or other news and discussions.

Increase employee engagement and productivity

Communicate, document and share ideas with each other by establishing channels between some or all of the team members.

collaborate to increase employee engagement and productivity

By uploading important information, policies and other documents you make sure that everything is available, directly at the point of need.

access information and increase employee engagement and productivity

Package trainings and guidelines to accelerate knowledge and productivity. Personalize your learning experience as you go.

upskill and increase employee engagement and productivity

Start small & grow as you go

Now you have the chance to try out the complete Scoolia suite with all features included for just 60€/month.

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Dec 2019


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Scoolia supports uni ...

This Christmas we support UNICEF for all the children.

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Nov 2019


Welcome Mashie!

We are very glad to welcome Mashie FoodTech Solutions as customers!

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