About us

The Scoolia Group was formed in the beginning of 2020 through a merger with a number of smaller companies. The merger came after many years of working closely together for the same cause. The focus is to support companies and organizations with solutions for a sustainable digital transformation, with a little extra focus on communication and competence management. We are currently supporting about 200 companies, municipalities and other organizations in the Nordic region.

What we do

Scoolia ESP

By partnering with leading actors, we are making it possible to deliver services online & at scale, making them available for anyone, anywhere.

Scoolia 360

Providing packaged solutions that are focused on improving the work processes, efficiency & productivity within organizations.

Scoolia Products

A strategically developed portfolio of software products meeting the need of our partners & customers in a wide spectrum of areas.

A Safe Partner

During the years we have helped hundreds of partners and customers to implement tools, new ways of working and to digitalize processes to become more efficient and productive.

We are hiring!

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