Digital courses can have many different purposes and forms, they can be meant for employees, partners, customers or public. For example, they can be on-demand, live or a mix of the two through a so-called blended learning approach.

We help you with everything from strategy, platform, production and implementation of your activities.

1. Strategy

Each case is unique and often has different needs and set goals. Together we sit down to identify your needs and activities and then we make a strategy that suits your business and time frame.

2. Platform

Based on the strategy, we implement and integrate the tools that best suits the processes. In our toolbox we have a combination of internally developed and external platforms. We make sure that all administration is correct, and we train your team in how to use the tools in an efficient way.

3. Production

Through our experienced production team, we can help you with everything from planing and producing content, to support and quality assurance during live-sessions.