No matter if you are offering B2C or B2B training, taking the step to start offering your knowledge and courses in a digital version is necessary in 2020. The upside is huge once you get everything in place. Imagine that hundreds and even thousands of people could attend your courses whenever it suits their schedule, without you having to always be present!

Digitize in two steps

Step 1. Produce your course

Thinking about how your course should look like in a digital version is often the hardest part. Our tip is to write a storyline of what your course looks like today, and then see how much of that can be translated into short micro videos. Interactive videos are by far the most engaging type of content you can add to your digital course. Combine that with some lighter content like polls, quizzes and maybe a livesession or webinar and you are there! Our content production team can help you with everything from story-lining your course to producing it!

Step 2. Go-to-market

Combining a digital marketing strategy with the way you are already selling your courses today is probably the best mix to get started. It is all about building the puzzle in the right steps. Having a well thought of detailed plan and strategy will be key to not waste time, effort and budget. Our team can help you with everything from strategy to releasing the course and marketing it afterwards.

Let's digitize your courses!

With our packaged services we can help you with everything from strategy, production and taking your courses to the market.

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Analysis & Strategy

Based on your specific needs we put together a strategy with the right processes and tools to ensure value outcome.


We make sure that all tools are implemented in the right way and we onboard you and your team in how to use them.

Quality Assurance

We can take responsibility of the digital processes, administration and reports surrounding your course/training.


Get access to your own content production team that can help you to produce presentations, videos, content or anything needed for your course.


Let's take your course to the market together. Our team can help you with the strategy, structure and content needed to get things rolling.

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