Join Adobe Connect through your browser​

Join Adobe Connect through your browser
Webcam and microphone settings
When you open an Adobe Connect meeting in your browser, you will be prompted to allow the use of your camera and microphone. In case you select "do not allow" or have previously denied the use of your camera and microphone for Connect, go to your browser settings to change the permissions.
Google Chrome
1. Open Chrome.
2. Click on Customize and control Google Chrome(the three dots) and select settings
3. Select "Privacy and security" And click in Site settings > scroll down tol Permissions.
4. Click on camera and microphone, then select the right device in the drop meny
5. If you are in the Connect room, click on the "lock icon" next to the meeting room URL and select site settings.
In the Safari browser on your Mac, you need to use the "Websites settings" to customize how you browse on individual websites.
1. Open the Safari browser and enter the meeting room URL.
2. If the following appears in the upper right corner of the meeting room, click ‘Display Media’.
3. Next you will have to go through the settings and make sure that Adobe Connect is set to "Allow" on camera and microphone.
Microsoft Edge
1. Open Microsoft Edge.
2. Open the Adobe Connect room.
3. Click on the "Lock icon" next to the site URL in the address bar 
4. Use the scroll menu to grant access to the microphone and camera
5. Also, make sure to adjust the general settings for Adobe Connect
The browser will now ask to update the page for the changes to take effect. Accept and the room is restarted. Now you can start sound and image.
Click the icon next to the address bar and select auto play for both audio and video from the drop-down menu.

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