Connect with your audience in new ways through a blended learning approach.

World-class learning experiences

Deliver world-class experiences by offering a blended-learning approach
where you are available before, during and after your sessions.

Combine on-site trainings, trainings in the virtual classroom and
on-demand material and information.

Customize the training to meet individual needs and track each person's individual progress. Keep close communication and meetings when needed.

Engage and involve participants through communication between sessions. Share documents, photos and videos directly from your phones. Give tips to each other and share experiences.

Participants receive training, recorded sessions, information, links and communication gathered in one place.

Simple but powerful

Group the participants and collaborate, share and discuss the training sessions.
Collaborate and communicate in channels. One and one or all of the team together.
Meet your participants in the virtual classroom through integrated meeting tools.
Issue certificates to participants who have completed your education.

Start low and grow as you go

Now you have the chance to test the complete Scoolia suite with all features included for only 60 euro / month.


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