Unite, align and engage your workforce, no matter where they are located.

A centralized hub

where you can communicate, collaborate and train with your workforce.
Always available wherever they are, directly in their hands.

Start the onboarding process with new employees, even before their first day at work. Enabling them to provide value from the get-go.

Mentor, give guidance and stay close to your co-workers, even if you are spread out on different locations.

Make sure that everyone keeps up with the latest happenings within the organization.

Upload and access crucial documentation and information. Available directly at the point of need.

Upgrade and refresh your competences either when you have time, or directly in the workflow.

Easy but Powerful

Team up with colleagues to collaborate, share and discuss around your activities.
Collaborate in channels two and two or the whole team altogether.
Package and provide trainings. Personalize the whole experience.
Drive and uplift culture, connect and keep everyone engaged.

Start small & grow as you go

Now you have the chance to try out the complete Scoolia suite with all features included for just 60€/month.

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